About Me

Hey there, I'm Faye Pinkston (Pinksy)

Professional Model, Actress & Promoter, as well as Flow Artist and Amateur Comedian.

So I don't know where to begin.. I guess lets start with my Flow story..

For those who don't know my story, I started out with an Orbit that a great friend gave me.. I fell in love with the lights, and being able to dance to the beat of things with lights! Eventually it became my main hobby.. I learned Choreography, made up my own dances, free styled. Eventually when I thought I was good enough, I started doing light shows and other people seemed to support me.

Then, 3 months later, the same friend who gave me the orbit, showed me a hooping video. A video of a girl dancing around doing cool tricks with a hoop.. I was fascinated by it! After a while of me looking up what hooping was, what flow arts where.. I got obsessed with the idea of flow arts. Especially Hooping and Orbiting, and once this was noticed by my friends and family, the same said friend passed her old slightly bent hoop to me.. you PinksyPirates would know the hoop as Leafy. I then became addicted to hooping.. like it consumed me. I marked the day I started hooping. October 8th 2016, the day I said I will be the Queen Of The Ringz. Sense then, hooping has become the one hobby I have not quit, despite the injuries, fails, anger, etc. because it challenges me, it makes me happy.

3 months into hooping and I became Sponsored by The Spinsterz !

My first real hoop which you PinksyPirates, would know as Ashes, is from them. So is one of my favorite hoodies, and an awesome drawstring bag.

I still am and most likely always will be sponsored by them.


This is my flow journey.


and now the basics About Me... 

I'm A Pescatarian.. which is a Vegetarian who Eats Seafood... (for those who don't know)

My favorite color is Red, but not just red, but a deep, Blood red. My other favorites are Grey, Black and White. Oh, also I'm the Pun Queen.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PUN JOKES!! (Peep My Facebook for Puns!)

My favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. My Den is literally Halloween Town. πŸ‘»βš°οΈπŸ¦‡

Which if you can’t tell, I am in fact The Queen of Halloween. πŸ•·πŸ•Έ

You may call Me, The Pumpkin Queen. πŸŽƒπŸ¦‡

or Mrs. Skellington, which ever you prefer.

Anyways, My favorite band is Three Days Grace, I grew up on them and not to sound like a typical emo grunge girl, but they honestly saved my life. I listen to all kinds of music, but my favorite genres are Rock and EDM. I love to spend my free time hula hooping and playing with my orbits. I make Anklets, and Braclets out of beads and thread. Which I am obsessed with handmade anklets and Bracelets... generally my style for them are a Dark Bohemian style.. but if you make one for me, I’ll wear it!!! πŸ˜…

Oh, Fun Fact, I’m Obsessed with Glow in The Dark, and Lights...

I own a lot of Glow Things. I live to Glow in The Dark ✨

I’m a very Free Spirited person.. I tend to go with the flow but still make my own waves.

I take my Coffee through an IV.. (Not really, but I might as well with how much I drink..)

As far as My Religion goes, I’m a Pagan Witch, and a High Priestess at that. I've been studying and training for years and years and have finally attained my goal! I'm a die hard Witch btw. :)

(I have an IG account dedicated to Witchcraft! @WitchyKraft)

I'm also a woodlen fairy. I'm always in the woods. Which btw My name Faye, which is of English origin means fairy. 


I'm very professional but that doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun. I'm a Down to earth very spontaneous girl who grew up as one of the boys, so I don't really have any fears.

My Dream and Goal in life is to be A Victoria's Secret Angel and/or A Super Model!


Now lets Talk Business. 

Age; 19

Birthday; October 23, 1999

Location; Glen Burnie MD USA (can travel if expenses are paid)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145 lbs

Bust: 34"

Cup: B

Waist: 29"

Hips: 35"

Inseam: 29

Pants: 8 in US Womans

Dress: 4 (Depends on cut of dress tbh)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Long Natural Blonde

(I also wear Clip In Hair extensions, that are 24" and have Red Tips, and am willing to wear wigs!)

*I wish to build my portfolio* 

I'm a blank canvas, give me a story to tell.*

Business / Promotion Inquiries: Email me to talk!

Business Inquires Email; FayePinkston@yahoo.com


Why do I love Modeling / Acting ?

Well I've always had a passion for reading, for getting lost in a story and taking on a character, becoming that character, and when I'm modeling, I'm a different person, a different character each time. To Me, this is playing Dress-Up and Creating a Character to portray and bring to life. I love it. I love to tell stories through my modeling, I love bringing what ever character you want to life. Hence why I love acting as well. But tbh modeling is my passion.

This is My Art.

I'm a blank canvas, so please give me a story to tell. 


Websites I Model for / I am on;

My Vodou Dolls Profile; http://www.vodoudolls.com/o_models/faye-pinkston/

Model Mayhem - http://modelmayhem.com/fayepinksy


My fan base is known as my 

PinksyPirates !

6K in total on FB | http://facebook.com/the.legend.f.airy

100K + on Main IG | http://instagram.com/fayepinksy (@fayepinksy)

8K on Twitter | http://twitter.com/fayepinksy (@fayepinksy)

2K on Tumblr | http://peoplearesoxdumbx.tumblr.com/

13K on Personal IG | http://instagram.com/fayeissoawesome (@fayeissoawesome)

Booking Info;

For - Modeling - Booking:


ModelMayhem; http://www.modelmayhem.com/FayePinksy ( # 3820946 )

( See Portfolio for More! )

For - Queen of The Ringz - Booking:



FayePinkston@Yahoo.com ( W/ the Subject tittle; Queen of The Ringz Booking)

* Please be Specific on whether your Booking for Light Shows or Hula Hooping Shows *

     ( Future Hoop falls under Hula Hooping & is an Xtra Booking Fee )