Sharpie Queen πŸ–Š

I’m just an artist who likes to doodle on skin with sharpies. πŸ–ŠπŸ–€
- πŸ–€
Disclaimer; *I am Not a Tattoo Artist!*  
I may call my doodles sharpie tatts, but I am no where near a tattoo artist, and I do not claim to be one. Maybe one day down the road, who knows.
However, you can Book Me for Sharpie Doodles, DM Me or Email Me! πŸ–€

You Can Also Purchase Artwork, and I do Take Custom Commissions for ArtWork and Sharpie Tatts!

Sharpie Queen Shop

( When Purchasing, All Artwork, and Material Is Subject to CopyRight!! )

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