The Spinsterz ✨

The Spinsterz is an Amazing company to get all your Flow Art needs from. 

They also just so happen to be my Sponsor!!

Promo Code “PinksyPirate“ Saves you 10% when shopping with The Spinsterz!


Their Website;

My Hoops

Fall Leaves 🍂

These beautiful hoops are from the Fall Leaves Collectors Edition 🍂

~ You can find these at ~

Muddy - 34” 

Ghostie - 32”

Acorn - 32”

Sandy - 30”

Bats of Halloween 🦇🧡🖤

These Epic Hoops are from the Bats of Halloween Collectors Edition!

 ~ You can find these at ~

Midnight - 32”

Pumpkin - 32”

Opal & Precious ✨

Opal & Precious are Twin Silver 30” Bare Grip PolyPro Hoops with 5/8th Tubing from

(Precious has been retired, hooping in the snow was a bad idea... 😅😢)

My Orbits ✨

Candy 🍭 :

    Candy, is The GloFX Team 4-LED Orbit: Candy Flow, from The Spinsterz!

Fun Fact, I named this orbit Candy simply because its the name of it on The Spinsterz Website!

Candy has 4-LED‘s ; Two Pink, Orange, Green Ribbon Microlights and Two Green Strobe Microlights.

Oogie Boogie 💚 :

     Oogie Boogie, is The : GloFX Exclusive Morph Orbit from The Spinsterz!

Oogie Boogie has 6-LED’s ; Red, Green, Blue Multi-Color Fantasy Morphing Microlights and they are Continuous Color Changing Lights!

Oogie Boogie is also the Limited Edition Model.

Celeste ✨ :

   Celeste, is The : GloFX Lux 360 Orbit from The Spinsterz!

Celste has 4 Intelligent Microlights With Over 1,000,000 Color Combinations 

( 34 different colors and 9 Engineered and Customizable Display Modes )

Bliss ⚡️ :

   Biss, is The GloFX Team 6-LED Orbit from The Spinsterz!

Bliss has Three Pink, Green, Blue Strobe Microlights.. One Purple Ribbon Microlight, One Green Ribbon Microlight and One Blue Ribbon Microlight. 

Yum Yum 🍬 :

    Yum Yum, is The GloFX Team 4-LED Orbit from The Spinsterz!

Yum Yum has Two Pink, Yellow, Blue Strobe Microlights, and Two Blue Ribbon Microlights.

Star Fire 🔥 :

   Star Fire is The GloFX Lux Orbit from The Spinsterz!

Star Fire has 4 Intelligent Microlights With Over 1,000,000 Color Combination and 9 Professionally Engineered Display Modes.